Actors the Jam Bar sang its last song
April 02, 2017

Hey friends of Actors The Jam Bar,

This is James, the owner of Actors The Jam Bar. We have been open for 9 years since 2007, serving every music lover who wants a place to relax at night, or to play his or her own pieces on our stage. Therefore, it deeply saddens me to announce that we had our final song on the 2nd of April. Yes, Actors The Jam Barís last day of operation was last Saturday!

I would like to thank everyone for sticking with us during these 9 years, this means every single customer that has stepped through our doors for a night of musical fun; we greatly value and thank all of you! Shout-outs to our regular folks such as Simon Huang, Dominic Lau, Alex Yoong, Jason, Matthew, Colins, Benjie Remorin, Samuel and many more; who have been visiting us for so many years! Big thanks to all the bands that have performed live gigs at our venue as well; so much talent weíve witnessed and enjoyed!

It has been a great long journey with our past and present staff; Iíd like to thank all of you for putting in your time and effort to provide each customer with a great experience; this includes our staffs, managers and our residence musicians such as Danny, Elizabeth, Sheng, Eddie Sakamoto, Lanie, Nor and many more; who have spent months or years with our team! A really big thanks to all of you!

At the same time; Iíd like to thank my marketing staff, Krizia and Allan, for handling admin duties such as gig booking, scheduling and generating creative material, regularly updating this Facebook page with content; and for regularly responding to our customersí queries, comments and feedback.

If I havenít mentioned you; be at ease; I appreciate every single customer and staff that has shared great experiences with us; youíre certainly not forgotten!

Through these years, some of you may not have seen or known me, as Iím not around too much, but I did meet some good people over time. In this world, I also found myself involved deeply with another passion: Product design.

What stemmed from this other passion was a decade of designing, inventing and patenting Opium the addictive systems. For a better understanding, you can refer to

I hope thereís a chance to meet everyone again; do keep in touch with us through the Opium Facebook page at

Cheers, James
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Actors the Jam Bar sang its last song

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Their concept really interesting. They do not have a paid band. Rather, 'live' music is from any customer who is brave enough to step up to jam away. Its really interesting when you see a quiet guy dressed up smartly, chilling out after work, goes up on stage and he CONTROLS the crowd! Your entertainment value will obviously differ depending on your luck. : ) (Moderate)

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