Actors the Jam Bar

13A - 15A
South Bridge Road
Singapore 058657




Operating Hours

Mon - Sat 6pm - 2am

Sun Open for Private Functions


If you fancy a musical session with your pals but don't have enough dosh to rent a jamming studio, there's always Actors The Jam Bar (13A South Bridge Rd., 6533-2436). For the price of your drinks (hey, nothing's for free right?), you can sing and jam with your pals, and torture fellow customers all night. There's a different theme every night so you won't just be a one-hit wonder. If Elvis hits and Latin grooves rock your boat, then head here on Wednesdays and Saturdays respectively from 6-9pm to sing to your heart's content-but we suggest you practice in your bathroom first to avoid extreme embarrassment.

I-S Magazine
Leisurely Pursuits
Published 28 April 2008


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