1. What is Actors The Jam Bar?
    1. Actors The Jam Bar is a music bar that allows you to perform live on stage. Anyone is welcome to perform whether you are an aspiring musician, a professional band or just want to sing and play for fun.
  2. How does the Jamming session works?
    1. In order to jam, each performer must:
      1. Buy drinks.
      2. Queue their name in the board.
      3. Wait for their turn to perform.
  3. How many songs can a performer play per turn?
    1. Singers are allowed 1 song per turn. After 1 song, the singer/s must come down the stage to allow the next one to perform.
    2. Musicians are allowed 3 songs per turn. After 3 songs, the musician/s must come down the stage to allow the next one to perform. In case there are no musicians waiting, the 3 song cycle continues.
  4. How many turns are allowed per performer?
    1. There is no limit to the number of turns per performer as long as they queue their name on the board.
  5. What are the themes per night?
    1. Each night from 6pm-11pm, we have a specific theme/music genre to follow. Performers must adhere to this theme during this specific time.
      1. Monday - Route 58 (50s to 80s music)
      2. Tuesday - Blues Rock & Jazz
      3. Wednesday - Acoustic
      4. Thursday - The Beatles
      5. Friday & Saturday - All Music (Any genre)
  6. Can I play different music genre from the theme assigned for the night?
    1. Yes. But it's from 11pm until 2am only except during Fridays and Saturdays (6pm to 2:30am)
  7. Do I need to bring my own instrument?
    1. Not necessarily but you may. Actors The Jam Bar is equipped with complete band set-up (guitars – electric and acoustic, drum set, keyboard, piano, congo drums, microphones, lyrics prompter). You may use these instruments during your performance.
  8. Can I reserve the venue for private parties or events?
    1. Yes. Just inquire and book your event through our contact info.
  9. How can I contact Actors?
    1. Actors can be reached through our mobile number: 9838 3676 or email address: info@actorsthejambar.coma>
  10. Where is Actors located?
    1. Actors The Jam Bar is located at 13A-15A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058657


I would say it was really nice jamming there. The whole experience is totally different from jamming sections. When we went to studio, we just played anyhow (just assume in playful aspect) and don't care much about what other people think. But the feeling of playing at jam bar is totally AWESOME!!!! We played in more respectful manners because there are a lot of people watching us. (a bit stressful at first, yeah) But when we heard people clapping, we could feel a rush in the blood. We all went crazy!!!

Dolce Smith


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