Actors the Jam Bar presents performers with the ultimate jamming experience. While the rest of the bars in Singapore have talented resident live bands who entertain the audience, in Actors, our customers are the stars. Whoever goes into the door can be the next singer or the next drummer. So whether you are an aspiring or retired musician, a music enthusiast or you simply want to sing and jam with a band, Actors is here to give you pure entertainment and opportunity to live your passion. Anyone is welcome to pick up the mic and perform live on stage. Definitely, a musical nightlife that entertains, surprises and above all delights. Surely, you don't want to miss this!

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Private Event: 7pm - 11pm


Private Event: AAA Oils and Fats Pte Ltd 7pm-10pm


Private Event:Melt Water 6pm-10pm


Band Gig: Insead GEMBA15 9pm-11pm

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Regulars jamming at Actors Boat Quay

My Sacrifice by Creed


All of us have heard of bars and pubs which boast of a great resident band that can keep their audience enthralled with some riveting performances. However at the Actor's Bar in Singapore you will be in for a real surprise. They have come up with a very novel idea that is sure to startle you.
At the Actor's Bar in Singapore the customers are given the unique opportunity to showcase their talents. A large variety of musical instruments such as bass, congas, drums, guitars and keyboards are kept at the Jam Bar and all the visitors are most welcome to put up a performance which will reveal their aptitude. This is indeed very interesting and a completely new concept that has astonished many people.
There is a different thrill altogether in seeing amateurs put up enthralling performances. They have probably just dropped in after a day of hard work at the office for a drink and suddenly feel enthused to entertain the crowd.
As the prices of the drinks in the Actor's Bar in Singapore are moderate we find people from different fields drop in to this bar.

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