• Rockoustika: Friday Jam Nites (April)
  • Jam Session with Clement and Elim
  • Rockoustika: Friday Jam Nites
  • Microsoft Company Event
  • Jamming at Actors Orchard
  • French Bands Monthly Gig - December
  • Nikkei Group Company Event
  • Citibank Commercial Shoot
  • French Bands Gig: Black Peppers & Gitanes 102
  • SeedStarsworld Event
  • Top 40 Music Meetup
  • NUS Alumni Members' Night
  • Retail Asia Jam Nite
  • Beatles Tribute Show
  • Heinemann - Farewell Party
  • Musicians Meetup
  • Phoenix Contact SE Team Event
  • Black Rock Company Event
  • On Stage: Phoenix Rising Band
  • Acoustic Unplugged
  • All You Need is Beatles Night
  • Jammers at Actors
  • Monday Throwback
  • Aquostika (Johnoy Danao Live in Singapore)


I would say it was really nice jamming there. The whole experience is totally different from jamming sections. When we went to studio, we just played anyhow (just assume in playful aspect) and don't care much about what other people think. But the feeling of playing at jam bar is totally AWESOME!!!! We played in more respectful manners because there are a lot of people watching us. (a bit stressful at first, yeah) But when we heard people clapping, we could feel a rush in the blood. We all went crazy!!!

Dolce Smith


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