• Regulars jamming at Actors Boat Quay

    My Sacrifice by Creed
  • Jammers singing Don't Stop Believing by the Journey at Actors Boat Quay
  • Jammers singing High and Dry by Radiohead at Actors Boat Quay
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at Actors Scape
  • Beatles singing I Feel Fine and eating Fish 'n Chips -- two of their favorite things to do.
  • Actors the Jam Bar - Boat Quay was featured in the show Artographer. The hosts, George Young and Shu An, are two cartographers with an arty mission. They embark on a journey to uncover traditional districts that have reinvented themselves as brand new art enclaves. The series offers a glimpse into the creative efforts of the arts community as they find new ways to reach out to the general public. For Episode 6, the hosts journeyed Chinatown for its many arty farty markets, and a well hidden actors jam bar.
  • At Actors the Jam Bar Orchard, we offer you a wide variety of drinks and concoctions, sumptuous food, and a live jamming experience. So whether you are a professional or aspiring musician or an entrepreneur, you are most welcome to jam at Actors!
  • We were put on the spotlight with an interview from Singapore's local online tv chanel, The Almost-famous tv "Whassups" team discovered that there's no real actors working at Actors the Jam Bar but rather our patrons are the "actors" or "stars" when they perform live on stage.
  • Angels or Devils Cover

    Guitar/Vocal: Benjie Remorin
    Guitar: Gabriel dela Torre
    Bass: Dino Baldesancho
    Drums: Allan Belandres
    Violin: Cliburn Solano
    Keys: Raymond Vincent Hernandez
  • Red House Band


Their concept really interesting. They do not have a paid band. Rather, 'live' music is from any customer who is brave enough to step up to jam away. Its really interesting when you see a quiet guy dressed up smartly, chilling out after work, goes up on stage and he CONTROLS the crowd! Your entertainment value will obviously differ depending on your luck. : ) (Moderate)

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